Winter Promo 2016

by Sons of Southern Darkness

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released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Sons of Southern Darkness Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Hypocrite Attraction
hypocrite attraction

heart racing from a high I'm chasing
lust for ignorance and deluded importance
I've got a certain taste for mental waste
it's a beautiful dance of pathetic stance

nothing gets my blood flowing
like the opinion of the all knowing
I stand slack jawed in awe
as logic is dismembered by your deadly claws

breath starts to carry weight
puts me in a savage state
a pulsating pleasure
an error you could measure
a sick and twisted attraction
to a mad faction

a legion of imbeciles
the braves in a tribal hell
arouse me in a way
that I cannot explain

nothing makes me harder
than the generation of delusion
Track Name: The End of Light
the end of the light

darkness falls
death comes for us all
darkness falls
the void makes the final call

Step by blind step through the empty blackness of life
I arrive at the light in the distance
And Smoke and more darkness
Comes in place of joy
As the candles are snuffed out
And it is dark again
the bleakness becomes a cherished friend

we reach the end of light
the demise of the bright

There must be a hand that lights the candles
There must be a hand that smothers the flames
There must be a master behind the hand who watches me stumble in the dark
There must be a master behind the hand who's pleasure is my mortal pain
Can the master hear me in the void when I plead for a lesser burden?
Does he savor the salt of my tears?
can he taste my useless fears?

cries of rage and sorrow echo through the dark and reach his ears as hymns to his omnipotence
I offer the blood of my hands and knees

But there is no master to collect my offerings
There is no hand
There is no one else
only the deceiving flame that calls from afar
only the nature of the world
That all of the lights be put out