Sons Of Southern Darkness

by Sons of Southern Darkness

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released January 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Sons of Southern Darkness Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Dreams Of Death
My life got dark one night
Since then darkness hasn't left my sight
Shutting my eyes gives me feeling of life
Shut them forever if I had the guts to try

Broken down inside and out
Future contention fucking doubt

I'd take sleeping over breathing
Dreaming over believing
What's left of life spent waiting
for the sickle to come and reap me
My soul has been black for months
Hope is a distant memory
Left with nothing but bad luck and a slipping sanity

I dream of death, just come and take me
Throw me in front of a bus
Just fucking kill me

Been feeling dead about time I looked the part
Waiting in vain and it's getting fucking dark
Track Name: Pain Of Population
Hallucinations of a pristine world
Fields piled high with two legged pollution, technological slime
Monuments of fruitless labor, Accomplishments to fear or envy
I feel neither for them
Or any who consent to bend a single fucking knee

Shatter the structure
All out warfare
Primitive nature
Burn the social ladder

I am free, I can breathe
I'm in control of all I see
Mass extinction
Revenge was swift
I am god in this reality

With a wave of my hand
They writhe and twist
Crippled contorted forms
Laughter rings out
In the kings court

Pain of Population
My magnum Opus
Pain of Population
Mass extinction
Track Name: Trial By Combat
It is your right

I can smell your weakness
I sense your frail existence
I will snuff you out
I'll see your light extinguished
My brain is broken
But my will is strong
My fury is real
This battle will not be long

No talking your way out
Words won't pry my hands off your necks
Not enough room on this planet
For weak frightened hypocrites
I'll take you on
I'll make you hurt
Beat you within an inch of your life
Let you see life through dying eyes
The gods have fled your side

No gods
Only justice
No prayer
Slaughter of ignorance

Feel the abandonment
Your stance so permanent
Leave you in the dirt
Show you what you're worth

Trial By Combat
Track Name: Throne Of Judgement
Waste of life
Infinite infant deserves juvenile demise

Cease to exist
Punisher in need of punishment
Living breathing disease
Contributor of idiocricy

Throne Of Judgement
Coming down
Throne Of Judgement
Ends you now

The killing floor calling your name
Come forth and meet your fate

Your common sense, nonexistent
You made your choice don't get it twisted

My desperation is the peaking sun
You are showered in its light
My light is lead and heavy blows
You, focus of scorn

I cannot trust you on this side of the earth
I stand above you on pillars of spite
From my throne a hallowed sight
Once blood blesses the field there is calm

The perfect end to this violent orgy
To be immortal on a vacant planet
Track Name: Breaking The Seals
Unleash the plagues

Spilled from lamb's blood a beast misunderstood
Not the destroyer of life but a musician of death and demise
He'll bring us war, a fucking reason to kill for
With a noise of thunder we'll be pulled under

Wipe the earth of life
No one deserves to be alive
Wring the earth of life
Squeeze the planet dry

The white horse banged the drums
The red horse brought the sword
The black horse brought the judge
The palehorse brought the beauty

Nuclear destruction
Endless famine
Waves of pestilence
Bring on the silence

Let the horsemen have their reign
Man's rule was all in vain
End the fucking pain
Spill the blood from every vein

The fifth will be your death
Death to all who pretend to believe
For those who feel heavensent
I want you to bleed

The sixth will crack the earth
The sixth will bring the wrath
I will revel in it
Unholy bloodbath

Then he'll be with us
He'll bring what he promised us
His hand will guide us
The only hand that I trust
Let death come ripping
My sanity fully slipping
Let the plague humanity
Let it just cease to be

We were given paradise
Flooded it with a sea of lies
My hope is the gods of war
Do what they were created for

Kill the innocent
Kill the guilty
Rid the world of everybody